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The Kettlebell Solo Foundations ebook uses the kettlebell to build strength, endurance, and physical vitality. The ebook consists of a wide range of exercises that build strength and fitness and teach you to flow with the kettlebell. Kettlebell Solo prepares the body to handle the unknowns of life and physical activities by training in a variety of stances and ranges of motion.


Whether you want to train to become a better partner for KPP or get stronger, fitter, and more athletic while increasing your kettlebell knowledge… Kettlebell Solo Foundations does both!


The only piece of equipment required for the ebook is one light kettlebell (6-12kg). 


Who is Kettlebell Solo Foundations for?

  • Anyone new to kettlebells who wants to learn to use them safely.

  • Anyone who has limited time to train. 

  • Anyone who wants to lose body fat and get strong.

  • Anyone who wants variability in their kettlebell routine.

  • Anyone who wants to flow with the kettlebell.

  • Anyone who wants to maintain or improve their KPP skills.

What are the benefits of Kettlebell Solo Foundations?

  • Increase athleticism.

  • Improve strength.

  • Increase muscle mass and BMR.

  • Enhance self-awareness.

  • Level up coordination and kettlebell handling skills.

  • Become a better partner for KPP.

What’s included in the Kettlebell Solo Foundations ebook: 

  • Easy to follow, step-by-step photographs for each exercise with technique breakdowns and coaching cues.

  • Easy navigation to find what you are looking for fast!

  • 8-week training program.

  • Uncommon variations of lower body strength exercises that train the glutes, hamstrings, and core in unique ways.

  • Exercises that build athleticism.

  • Introductory progressions for flowing with kettlebells.

  • Beginner juggling and passing drills.

  • Free sample video from the Kettlebell Solo video library (the full library will be available for purchase in the future).

  • Answers to FAQ.


Kettlebell Solo Foundations Ebook

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